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Spojenci? – Spojenci!

Die Sudetendeutschen  haben durch die Änderung der Satzung ihrer Landsmannschaft ihre ideelle Heimat in Böhmen und Mähren wiedergewonnen. Der trügerische Glaube der früheren Jahre, an Sudetendeutschen Tagen Falken aufsteigen zu lassen und darauf zu hoffen, dass diese als Friedensbringer und Pfingsttauben auf dem Hradschin landen mögen, hat sich letztendlich als eine rechte Irrlehre herausgestellt. Die Sudetendeutschen sind immer Verbündete ihrer tschecho-slowakischen Landsleute geblieben: sie waren Anlaufstelle für viele Dissidenten der ČSSR, die nach Deutschland, insbesondere Bayern, emigrierten. Wenn sie und ihre direkten Nachkommen das Recht bekämen, den Antrag auf Erteilung der tschechischen Staatsbürgerschaft zu stellen, dann wären Verbündete auch faktische wieder Landsleute. Mehrstaatlichkeit und die Treue zur demokratischen Verfassung der Tschechischen Republik stellen in einem geeinten Europa doch eigentlich kein Problem dar.

Spojenci? – Spojenci!

Europe, an epic failure?

To state it clearly at the beginning: I am embracing the ideals of democracy and freedom and the idea of a united Europe is the ultimate heritage that had been bestowed upon me by my family.

However, the current refugee crisis and its aftermath is a story of epic European failure. It is a story of a wannabe superpower that so far has never found common grounds and has never spoken with a common voice. Problems have been solved in this way that Germany has been accepting the role as the European paymaster and that exceptions from the rule have been granted to a bunch of other countries.

Old recipes and new challenges often do not go hand in hand.

And there had been plenty of time to react. But many chances have been forgone. So what to do if Europe should not turn out to be an epic failure?

Finally smash the nation states and enforce regionalism. If the Catalans want to separate from the rest of Spain, let them go and remain a part of Europe. The same could have applied to the Scots. Finally smash the nation states. This will also help to curb the felt German hegemony  within Europe. Enforce autonomous regions, empower the European Parliament as the true democratic representation of the European peoples. This is what Europe is about.

Know the frontier. Go east! Fine. But Europe is not the Buena Vista Social Club everyone can join. In addition, Russia, too, has gotten certain strategic interests. Saint Petersburg is the gate to Europe, but Turkey is the Near East. Both should be part of a free trade zone though. Do not mess it all up!

Stand up and fight. Europe, especially Germany, is just paying the price for being a military infant sucking at Mother America’s breasts. If you do not intervene at the spot, then plight and misery will knock at your door.

Enforce the borders. Europe is an economic global player, but it cannot nourish and police the whole world. Anyway, changes come from inside a society, they are never initiated from outside. The current refugees in Germany could have stood up to fight for their rights. They are gone and gone might be the chance for change. Angela Merkel’s biggest mistake in this respect was not the fact that she granted access to a myriad of people, but that this mass  of refugees could move through the Schengen area without any proper registration – and that Germany acted unilaterally thus endangering the common European bond. (Side remark: I might have fled, too.)

Concentrate on the important and sack Dublin. Sack the Dublin agreement. Why should that state bear the burden of asylum seekers in which they first apply for? This trick has failed anyway: thousands of refugees are now making their way to the inner of Europe. Finally introduce quotas: refugees that have fled the war zone and made their way to the EU have a right to enjoy protection, they do not have a personal claim in which country they are hosted. Personal safety and wellbeing go before personal choice of a potential host country. And concentrate on the important: the refugee crisis had turned out to be imminent when we were still trying to sack Mr Tsipras and Greece.

The right of asylum does not apply to war regions. Granting asylum to activists who stand up for democracy and human rights and who are in consequence persecuted is without question a solemn duty. It applies, however, only to a handful of individuals who live in countries that are not part of a war zone. In Europe, asylum cannot be granted to whole groups of people or ethnicities who are endangered by war or a ruthless machinery of slaughter and death or who just leave their homes countries for economic reasons. For the first the international community has to create safe zones in their home countries or nearby by means of military intervention and peacekeeping.

Stop the zealotry of democracy. Enforcing and fostering democracy is at any time the noblest goal we can pursue. We should, however, accept that our Western-style democracy with its focus on the pursuit of happiness of the individual does not fit into every cultural context. Democracy is the direct result of Enlightenment. And this light was first lit in Europe. Only those societies that have tasted of the fruits  of Enlightenment and who have set at least one foot on the path of illumination will develop a distinct core set of democratic values. Our endeavor to bring democracy to any country in the world has so far led to a higher degree of instability than it helped. Enlightenment is the power of the word, not the power of the sword.

Accept Russia as an equal partner with own interests. Obama does not like Putin. Wladimir does not like  Barack. Karasho. But both are the leaders of superpowers. Let us expect a bit more of professionalism. And let us come to the insight that Russia, too, has got likewise strategic interests. They might differ from our Western ones.

Europe, an epic failure?

České hopsasa

Na Slovensku obvykle cestujeme cez Rakúsko. Známy terén. Kratšie to máme cez Čechy. A keďže jeden z našich kamarátov myslel, že česká D1 už je v lepšom stave a že je menej stavieb, tak sme sa predsa rozhodli plánovať si trasu cez Čechy. Nerátali sme stým, že tankodrom medzi Prahou a Brnom bude úplne odstránený, ale domáci predsa vie ako na to: držať sa na diaľnici vždy v ľavom pruhu.

V poriadku. Na hraniciach sme zaplatili extra poplatek za diaľničnú známku, lebo české korunky sme nemali a kurz Eura voči českej korune v práve tomto okamihu na sekundičku mimoriadne sklesol. Tak už aj vybabrali západniarov pred revolúciou. Nepekné, ale sú to len jednotlivci.

Obdive dievčatá predrevolučnú diaľnicu, ktorá znova začala krátko  pred Moravou, statočne znášali. Bola noc. Spali. Staršej sa mi podarilo ešte v Brne pošepkať, že stadiaľ pochádza ich Oma a po Slavkove u Brna sme tak či tak museli odísť z diaľnice. Dvojročnej to bolo akurát jedno. Ale ani staršia si poriadne nevedela vychutnávať krásu okolia, keď sme krátko po piatej ráno cestovali po zákrutách cesty prvej triedy smerom na moravsko-slovenské hranice. Vracala ešte na českej zemi, vo vlasti svojich predkov, len zopár metrov pred svojou vlastnou slovenskou.

Pre nebezpečenstvo ďalšej nevoľnosti sme sa preto rozhodli, naďalej len ísť po diaľnici, ale pre draho kúpenú českú diaľničnú známku sme naplánovali trasu naspäť na nemecký pracovný front s okľukou cez slovenské hlavné mesto, len diaľnica, 50 km alebo 15 minút navyše. Boli sme milo prekvapení: D2 z Bratislavy smerom na Brno je mimoriadne dobre vystavená. Zanedlho sme boli na Morave. A bolo tam zase: to naše české hopsasa. Ľavý pruh veľmi nepomohol.

České hopsasa